Pay It Forward – Help Others and Yourself by Becoming a Beachbody Coach

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When you Pay It Forward by helping at least one other person achieve their fitness goals, you’ll enjoy some amazing benefits in your own life.

You’ll be blessed with increased motivation and accountability, growing self confidence and the satisfaction that comes by seeing others succeed through your efforts.  And through the independent Beachbody Coaching program, you can add Financial Rewards to this list of benefits.

This session of the Beachbody Success Show focuses on Paying It Forward as a Coach.  We share our own experiences and hear from special guest Jen Dunlap who became a Coach as part of Team Fit Marriage three months ago.

Be sure to listen in to learn:

  • Why Coaching may or may not be right for you
  • The different approaches Coaches take depending on their goals – from enjoying 25% discounts to making a full-time income
  • The tools and support system that’s included when you become a Coach & how Jen has capitalized on this support
  • The costs associated with becoming an independent Beachbody Coach
  • How to join our team so we can support you and help you reach your goals – for FREE!

Helpful Resources and Notes from This Show

  • Click here for all the details on becoming a Coach with Team Fit Marriage!
  • Check out Jen Dunlap’s site if you’d like to get in touch with her.
  • Here’s another inspiring story of someone Paying It Forward through coaching
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